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About us

Yukon Sauna is the first mobile sauna rental service in the North. We offer high quality sauna experiences for everyone all over the Yukon! We will deliver our sauna-on-wheels straight to your residence (or really wherever you want it!). Relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. Seek benefits of heat and cold therapy.



Our traditional Finnish-style sauna has been built into an enclosed cargo trailer, so we can bring the stoke all over the Yukon! Constructed with high quality cedar wood and heated by a wood fired stove, the sauna stays true to the Finnish culture. There are rocks placed on top of the Harvia wood stove which you can pour water on to produce steam, commonly referred to as löyly.

Temperatures reach 60-90C (140-200F). The 6x10 foot sauna comfortably fits 6-7 people at a time.

The sauna has been used in outdoor temperatures of -40C, so our sauna is available year-round.


About: Meet the Team


Owners and operators

Tyler and Joyce have been married since the summer of 2021. They are both passionate about health and well being, as well as the outdoors.
We are excited to bring accessible and adventurous sauna experiences to the Yukon.


Yukon Sauna offers an authentic Finnish Sauna experience that is unlike anything else offered in the Yukon. Once you try it you will find yourself wanting to book the sauna again and again. Thank you so much YS!!!

Phil & Crystal



Whether your goal is relaxation, a healthier lifestyle, or spending more time with your friends and family, everyone can benefit from sauna use!

We sauna to:

- Create a place to unwind, relax, and just breathe

- Spend memorable time with friends

- Destroy stress through a healthy wellness practice

- Allow yourself to be present and enjoy the moment

- Get outside and explore the Yukon

- Be happier and healthier

These benefits can improve:

- Energy levels

- Heart health

- Sleep quality

- Mood

- Exercise recovery

- Brain health

- Anxiety and depression

Some of our favourite health benefits include:

- Increased longevity

- Improved cardiovascular health

- Reduction of heart disease and conditions

- Anti-inflammatory benefits

- Activates heat-shock proteins

- Release of healthy hormones and neurotransmitters

- Increase metabolism

More benefits:

For more benefits on sauna, click here, here, here and here.

For current published, peer reviewed papers about sauna, click here, here, here and here.


Image by Leonard Laub


There are no rules to sauna, allow yourself to do what feels good! Sauna is usually enjoyed in cycles of hot and cold. Spend 15 – 20 minutes in the heat, followed by a cool off period outside or diving into a cold plunge. We will often set up our sauna by a river or lake for the cool off period. Or during our long Yukon winters, jump in the snow. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after sauna sessions.

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The Yukon and Finland are both north of 60°

The word sauna is a Finnish word, Finland being the place where sauna culture is the most well known. There is an estimated 3 million saunas in Finland, for a population of 5.5 million.

With the Yukon and Finland at the same latitude, we share commonalities of living in the North during winter. Cold winters, long days of darkness, and trying to stay warm!

"Nowhere on earth is the use of the bath so necessary, as it is in the Northern lands."

Klaus Magnus, Finland

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