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What is a Mobile Sauna Service?

Ever considered sauna to unwind, beat the cold, and stay healthy? Maybe you have, but the problem is none of your friends own one, it’s too expensive to buy one, and the idea of sharing a public one with sweaty strangers doesn’t sound very relaxing.

My name is Tyler and I’m starting a new service in Whitehorse called Yukon Sauna, where I can bring a personal, private sauna experience right to your driveway. I have a mobile sauna built in a trailer that I am going to be renting out to homes, campsites, events, and all over the Yukon.

Why a Mobile Sauna?

At first, all I wanted was to have a sauna at my home. Then I found out about mobile saunas, and immediately became obsessed with the idea.

I got in touch with a sauna builder named Valtteri Rantala down in Vancouver. Valtteri runs The Finnish Sauna Co. and has a passion to share sauna culture, and I found myself wanting to do the same. Once he convinced me that his builds could handle everything from pothole highways to gravel roads, I began daydreaming of all the places in the Yukon I could take the sauna.

The Sauna

We ended up with a 6x10 foot enclosed cargo trailer, modified into a wood fired mobile Finnish sauna. When you open the trailer door, you’re met with the entrance to the sauna and the calming smell of cedar wood.

Tongue and groove cedar lengths line the interior, along with cedar benches and backrests. In the corner is a Harvia sauna stove, imported from Finland, complete with rocks on top of the stove to pour water on to produce steam, or löyly. The one-way glass door allows for natural light inside. There are also interior and exterior lights when connection to power is available.

The sauna quickly heats up to 60-90°C (140-200°F), and comfortably seats 6-7 people at a time.

Our Services

Me (or my wife) will deliver our sauna-on-wheels to your house (or your cabin, your campsite, or event location). We’ll set it up, show you how to use it, and then pick it up at the end of your rental period. We’ll be offering home deliveries, wilderness (camping) rentals, private group outdoor rentals, and community sauna events.

Our feature rental is the 3-4 day home delivery. The 3 day (Friday-Monday) and 4 day (Monday-Friday) are both $450 + GST. One day rentals are $300 and seven day rentals are $800. Of course, contact me if you’re looking for different dates or lengths of time and I can accommodate. Delivery and firewood are included in all rentals in and around Whitehorse.

Having a sauna-on-wheels allows us to create sauna experiences off grid. So, if you’re spending the weekend camping at Fox Lake, Kusawa, or anywhere with road access and want to sauna, contact me and I’ll get back to you with a quote. If you want to book a private group sauna event, please let me know!

I am also hoping to build a community of people who are interested in sauna events, and do affordable, drop-in style "community sauna" days. I’ll organize when and where to meet for outdoor sauna and cold plunge. Sauna is an awesome social event, this is going to be a great way for people to meet, hang out, and enjoy sauna without the commitment or price of a full rental. If this is something you’d be interested in, let me know and I’ll throw you on a list of people to get notified when these events are happening.

Our Mission

Sauna has been used for thousands of years to strengthen our bodies and build relationships with friends and neighbours. Our mission is to create memorable experiences with awesome people through a healthy wellness practice. I’m really excited to share my sauna with Yukoners, I hope my sauna can promote connection with each other, with nature, and with yourself.

We want to create an atmosphere to be present, build connection and strengthen health.

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