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To ensure a safe and clean environment for our clients, Yukon Sauna has developed the following Sanitation and Cleaning Procedure that will be implemented for every booking.


What we are doing before every booking:

1. Wiping and cleaning all surfaces. With warm water, we wipe down benches, backrests, floor, and high contact areas. Wash fiberglass floor.

2. Dry out interior. We fire up the wood stove to high temperature and open the window and door. Cedar has a natural resistance to moisture and temperature change, so moisture will not collect in the wood surfaces or sauna. Any steam or water evaporates quickly with heat and ventilation.

3. High temperature. Bacteria is susceptible to dry heat and high temperature and cannot survive more than a few minutes over 50-80 degrees Celsius. Our sauna has the capability to heat to over 90 degrees Celsius, so it is largely self-cleaning, and safe from germs and bacteria.

4. Properties of cedar. Our sauna interior is constructed with British Columbia cedar. Cedar wood is naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and resists mold.


What is expected of sauna clients:

1. Towel Use. Using bath or beach towels helps keep the sauna clean by absorbing perspiration, dirt, and sweat. Place fresh towels on benches and floors each time someone uses the sauna and remember to bring a personal towel to dry your own skin. Remember to always use fresh towels with each use.

2. Shower. Shower or bathe before sauna use. Do not sauna if you are dirty. Remove any lotions, oils, or cosmetics from skin. Wash your hands. There is also a bucket to be filled with warm water to be placed at the entrance of the sauna, to prevent feet from bringing in any dirt or debris.

3. Only sauna when you’re healthy. Avoid entering sauna if you have cold or flu symptoms, or open wounds or blisters.


Between sauna sessions during your rental period, we recommend last one out takes a clean damp cloth and some water and gently wipes down benches and backrests. Please don’t use any chemicals, this can damage the cedar. Throw some more wood in the fire and open the window to allow the heat and ventilation to dry out the interior. Thank you!

COVID Response; Health Benefits of Sauna:

We will never imply that COVID-19 can be cured by sauna use, and we recognize there is currently no evidence to suggest sauna use can prevent COVID-19 infection. However, we do recognize sauna as a form of preventative medicine in the same way exercise and diet can influence our health. Studies have demonstrated a variety of positive health benefits that have been found with regular sauna use. Current evidence suggests sauna may improve immune function and reduce risk of illness.

If you are interested in learning more about the effects of sauna use on our immune systems, please visit this link here.

**The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes, or in place of professional medical advice.

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